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Finding a Lawyer in Canada

  We have been getting a lot of questions about finding a lawyer in Canada.  Specifically, people have been saying that Canada doesn’t have the same online resources to find lawyers that the US does. Finding the right lawyer in Canada is important.  No matter what you are looking for a lawyer for, the consequences […]

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Cost of Lawyers in Canada

Like any country, lawyers continue to be a very expensive endeavor in Canada.  Lawyers are one of the highest paid professions out there, and they don’t get paid as such by charging affordable rates.  Additionally, legal matters can easily stretch out from months to years, compounding the costs of lawyers to astronomical.  An interesting statistic […]

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The Purpose of Law Reviews

This is a great video from the University of Westminster on the complex subject of law reviews.   Feel free to let us know if you like it in the Contact Us page.

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