Finding a Lawyer in Canada


We have been getting a lot of questions about finding a lawyer in Canada.  Specifically, people have been saying that Canada doesn’t have the same online resources to find lawyers that the US does.

Finding the right lawyer in Canada is important.  No matter what you are looking for a lawyer for, the consequences will be severe if you get a poor one.  Bad lawyers can miss deadlines, which will only prolong the ordeal and run costs even higher.  We recently did  post on the lawyer costs in Canada, and they are sky-high.

From our accumulation of reviews of other people’s experiences and our own research, we suggest for finding the best lawyer.  They sort by specialty of the lawyer, which is important.

There are some important questions to ask to make sure you have the lawyer that’s right for you.  These include:

  • How long have you been a lawyer for?
  • How long have you been practicing in this field for?
  • Who is your typical question?  This is one we recently saw posted at FindLaw, and thought it was a great addition.  For example, you may find you have a lawyer that typically handles corporate cases, in which case in might be in your best interest to find a lawyer that typically deals with individuals.  Or, you may find their typical client is just in different circumstances than you.  Either way, this question might unearth a lawyer that in inexperienced in cases like yours.
  • How much of my case will be handled by paralegals and assistants?  This question actually has two different purposes.  Firstly, a simple or straight-forward case should be handled primarily by less expensive paralegals.  Secondly, if your case is important or complicated, having a great lawyer only does so much if they are constantly farming off the work to assistants.
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Cost of Lawyers in Canada


Like any country, lawyers continue to be a very expensive endeavor in Canada.  Lawyers are one of the highest paid professions out there, and they don’t get paid as such by charging affordable rates.  Additionally, legal matters can easily stretch out from months to years, compounding the costs of lawyers to astronomical.  An interesting statistic that has been cited by the Canadian Lawyer Magazine, the cost for a two-day trial now exceeds $31,000 if you are forced to go to court.  This was an amazing 43% leap from the year before.

Lawyer costs can add up in a number of ways.  You would likely be asked to pay disbursements, where you cover the costs of photocopying among other things (and with the amount of paperwork in law, this can add up more than you think).  Your retainer agreement would likely list more details on what kind of costs would be involved exactly.

Overall, lawyers charge an average of $360 per hour.  Of course, the exact amount depends on the law firm you go to, the experience level of the lawyer you get, and the specialty of the lawyer you are looking for (costs vary a lot between major specialties, such as criminal defense versus patent law versus personal injury).

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The Purpose of Law Reviews

This is a great video from the University of Westminster on the complex subject of law reviews.   Feel free to let us know if you like it in the Contact Us page.

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